scam scam scam Everywhere

Internet Scams

scam is everywhere dont worry need to lnow allaspects of all types of scams. This category covers reviews of some web-based companies that provide services or digitial products online. Being listed here does not necessarily mean that they are involved in any scam. In most cases, we would discuss about the offers, and general issues with globalisation – since internet is one of the known causes. In short, what we mean is that we are talking about those people who uses the internet to make quick bucks – not necessarily by cheating or scam – but by something lesser, e.g. (hint) quality of services Vs pricing, mis-information or rather lack of it, poor support, et

We created this website in order to make the internet world aware of people posing as lonely hearts in internet chatrooms and on dating websites.

The internet is awash with men posing as women and then taking large amounts of money from unwary men who fall for them, the same is also true of women. Many of the scammers originate from West Africa, most notably Nigeria, which is also notorious for the 419 scams littering the internet.

Please feel free to browse the site and forum; some areas of the forum can be viewed by guests, but others will require you to register a user account – this is free and it only takes about 30 seconds to register.

By posting your story on this site, you help other new people visiting for the first time to perhaps recognize that they are being scammed and not just falling in love with someone who has the world’s worst luck – such as being stuck in a country with no money and having no check or money order cashing availability, and wondering if you can help them out.

Or sending them goods, that they cannot get them there as they are “working” in a different country.

Or perhaps a sick child that is with them.

The scammers will use any excuse to pull on your heart strings for only one reason; to get you to send them money.

These are the worst of all the scammers out there.

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