facebook indexing on google

People you might not even know, and quite possibly those you never liked, may find you and know more about you than you thought you were sharing. Best to stop saying horrible things about your boss on Facebook — your pictures, updates and “Are you a drunken sailor” quizzes may just be more searchable than you think.

Web Indexing: A simple way to make information on a web site easier to find.

Right now, unless you set your privacy settings correctly on Facebook, you’re wide open to the web and search engines such as Google and Bing. No one at Facebook is really going to tell you how to change that. Instead they’ve put up a notice that you should check your privacy settings. That doesn’t tell you much.

Here’s how to stop getting indexed on the web if you can’t possibly give up Facebook:

Go to your Facebook profile
Go to the “Settings” page
The click on “Privacy Settings”
Go to “Search”
There is then a toggle switch that gives you the option that allows indexing.
Switch THAT to “NO” immediately or expect the latest news about how much you hate your co-worker to spread all over the web.

Twitter, which recently landed a deal with Bing to index tweets, is now making Facebook want to do the same … hence the “indexing” madness. So, now instead of having just your insane tweets spread around cyberspace, your Facebook updates will head in that direction, too.

Not a great idea. It might be a good time to change those privacy settings that Facebook has been talking about before the wrong person sees that photo with you with the lampshade on your head.

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