Samsung Smartphone Tablet Hybrid-Galaxy Note Released in India, Exclusively for College Students

Samsung has announced the first ever Super AMOLED Display Smartphone which will be on the latest Androidoperating system i.e. the new “Samsung Galaxy Note”. It has a large 5.3-inch HD display. The new SamsungGalaxy Note cannot be taken in account only as a Smartphone but moreover it also works a tablet, a notepad having a stowaway pen (S-pen, Advanced Smart Pen) and a superb camera. It has a Powerful Dual Core processor i.e. 1.4 GHz. It also has an 8 megapixel camera with LED flash and for video calling another 2 MP camera is present in front. High speed LTE and HSPA+ connectivity options are also supportable in Galaxy Note. The thickness of this device is 9.65mm means a super slim device.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note:

  • Operating System : Android OS v2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Processor : Dual-core 1.4GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor, Mali-400MP GPU, Exynos chipset
  • Display : 5.3-inch Super AMOLED display , 1280×800 pixel WXGA resolution
  • Network: Quad band GSM/EDGE/GPRS , Penta band UMTS (3G)
  • For drawing , note-making and screen captures Stowaway pen is provided
  • Camera :
    • Rear- 8 MP with LED flash
    • Front – 2MP camera in front for video calling
    • Features : Geo-tagging, touch focus, face & smile detection ,image stabilization
  • Memory :
    • RAM : 1GB RAM
    • Internal  storage : 16GB / 32GB
    • External storage up to 32GB
  • Connectivity :
    • GPRS
    • EDGE
    • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
    • Wi-Fi hotspot , DLNA , Wi-Fi direct
    • 3G :
      • HSDPA – 21 Mbps
      • HSUPA –  5.76 Mbps
    • Bluetooth v3.0
    • microUSB v2.0
    • GPS with A-GPS support
    • 3.5mm jack
  • Sensors :
    • Accelerometer sensor –> UI auto-rotate
    • Proximity sensor –> auto turn-off
    • Gyroscope sensor
  • Color : Black,White
  • Battery : Li-lon  2,500mAh standard battery
  • Dimensions: 146.9x83x9.7 mm
  • Weight : 178 gm
  • Announced : September 2011
  • Market Status : Available



Micromax A70 Affordable and cheap Android Smart Phone for India

Hi Guyz

Micromax has come up with the sweet surprise. This time we have Micromax A70, successor to Micromax A60. An Android powered smartphone in just 7500/- running Froyo.

Micromax A70 is a new Android mobile from stores of Micromax. As the name itself suggests, its better than its predecessor A60. Equipped with a secondary camera also, Micromax A70 can be treated as one of the best cost effective Android phone. Micromax A70 is a huge improvement over A60 and also available at much affordable price of 7,999.

Powered by a 600 MHz Processor, Micromax A70 runs on Google Android 2.2.1 (Froyo). Micromax A70 has dimensions of 4.3*2.280.53 inches and weighs only 85 grams. The Display is 3.19 inch Full Touch Capacitive Screen supporting 262k colors. Equipped with 5 MP primary cameras, the 3G enabled Micromax A70 also gives you a 0.3MP secondary camera, to fulfill your needs. Though the Image quality is fine yet the fps (Frames per second) rate is a little bit low, that’s why the video quality is not that way good. The Device supports GPS and HSPDA with 7.2Mbps speed and MiFi (Pocket Wireless Internet) also. With all other features of the common multimedia phone, Micromax A70 features Bluetooth 2.1v and GPRS/WAP/MMS also. The memory can be expanded up to 32 GB with an external memory card.

As far as the battery is concerned, Micromax A70 is equipped with a powerful 1450 mAh Li-ion Battery which gives a talk time up to 4 hours and standby time up to 7 days. The battery is one of the most remarkable features of the handset as even the heavy use of 3-4 hours; you may get a little more juice in it.

But the drawback of the handset is that it’s a bit sluggish when you install too many apps in it. Moreover, the internal memory is just 190 MB and if you crowded it with the apps, then the phone is too leggy.

Top 10 Tips: Android lovers just look It

1. Don’t install apps like task killer, which may consume extra power and make your phone unstable.

2. Don’t install any app for moving applications to SD card and waste your memory. It is all available in settings itself. Note: Moving app to SD still will leave some max of 50% on internal memory.

3. Battery booster and other apps claim that will improve the battery life. I did not see any much difference.

4. CPU tuner apps which switches the frequency automatically may give improvements on the battery life by reducing the Frequency. I doubt that stability of device in long run, because of frequent changes on the internal processing behavior. Note that these apps will run like services and will consume some power also.

5. if you want some extra internal memory, you can uninstall updates on Maps and other heavy application, and for which you feel the updates are not much useful.

6. Recently, I did factory reset and I could see some 110 MB internal memory and now i think i can install some apps. because, when i bought the phone and at the first time i checked, it was about to 50MB only. free. you may try that if you want.

7. if you are in the place where the phone signal is not good and consistent, I would recommend to off the GPRS or 3G if you want to save some back up time.

8. it would be good and best to charge always with the regular charger than the computer/laptop USB. especially when the battery charge is less than 15%.

9. it is not good one for gaming / heavy multiprocessing. you would feel the lag in performance. It is good for regular usage.

10. The built-in browser is good enough, i think.

Iphone 4 or Iphone 5 Which Is Better

There is nothing official yet, and most likely won’t be for at least another month or more. But basically you can bet your house that there will be a new iPhone ‘this year’, wether it be a iPhone5, iPhone 4GS or something else. But really it’s just a name? There is debate as to wether it will be a minor or major revision, most rumours are suggesting a minor update at this stage. But even Apple may not have made the decision yet. I’m sure they have a few different prototypes and options until the last minute and then see what is viable.


It’s time once again to check in on the next iPhone and the latest rumors about Apple’s immensely popular device. And, of course, the biggest question: When the heck will the next iPhone be released?

Most in the tech press believe the iPhone 5, or whatever it will be called, won’t hit shelves until October. More precisely, Oct. 7 is the latest date to hit the rumor mill, though other industry followers are expecting it the following week.

As previously reported, the next iPhone might actually be called the iPhone 4S, because the device is expected to be more of an update to the iPhone 4 than an entirely reworked model. That would fall in line with Apple’s previous naming regimen: The iPhone 3GS was a relatively minor update to the iPhone 3G, and the iPhone 4 was a major upgrade.

Yet new rumors are suggesting Apple will unveil two new phones: an iPhone 4s, at a lower price point, and a higher-end iPhone 5. The Cupertino-based company may start selling two new phones in response to greater competition from Google’s Android platform. (Google, by the way, on Monday announced plans to acquire Motorola Mobility, which builds the popular Droid line.)

Another report suggests Apple is only starting to talk about a second “budget” iPhone. After all, Apple already sells older models, such as the iPhone 3GS, as cheaper alternatives to the newer iPhone 4. When the new iPhone comes out, the iPhone 4 will almost certainly drop in price.

But one of the most intriguing rumors is that Apple is indeed building a budget iPhone with less on-board storage, and that it would rely on the company’s new iCloud service. Users would be able to store less data – music, video, documents, email, etc. – on the phone itself, but would be able to take advantage of “cloud” storage in Apple’s own data centers through the Internet.

Nevertheless, the next iPhone is expected to be thinner than the iPhone 4, but with similar design characteristics. A widely circulated photo – which is just as likely to be fake as real – could give you an idea. As previously reported, Apple might also be doing away with the glass backing of the iPhone 4 and give it an aluminum backing, like the iPad. The next iPhone also is rumored to have a larger screen, with less dead space between the screen and the phone’s edges.

And then there’s service. One potential reason this year’s iPhone was pushed to autumn, instead of the typical summer release, could be that Apple is getting it ready for 4G wireless service. As AT&T and Verizon both expand their 4G technology, called “LTE,” competing Android phones are jumping into the high-speed mix. Apple likely needs the next iPhone to support 4G.

iphone 5 Release Date : Reality Vs Expectations

iPhone 5


Scratch August off the list, but hope remains supreme for the iPhone 5 release date to commence in the early part of the month following. However that’s merely the best case scenario, as the fifth generation iPhone could run the gamut from Labor Day in three weeks (which would be a rush job) to the middle of next year (interfering with everything from the iPad 3 to iOS 5 and having people fuming at being stuck with an iPhone 4S in the mean time). Here’s a look at the possible timeframes and the odds of each being a legitimate candidate. We’ve already placed our wagers on September, but chaos reigns supreme now that the originally expected early-summer iPhone 5 release date (here’s more on the iPhone 5 carrier breakdown) has come and gone.

Labor Day: or shortly thereafter, of course. Apple likes to launch major retail products on Fridays, so September 9th would be the magic date for release. It would have the iPhone 5 going on sale a few days after the Labor Day holiday, when people’s attention is off their summer road trips and back onto what’s happening in the news. It would also mean that Apple would need to hold its press event on either Wednesday the 7th (a mere two days before the actual retail rollout) or the week before, which would place the press event before Labor Day in August. And last we checked, August is almost over. So while this is possible, it feels a bit rushed…

iphone 5 Release Date : Reality Vs Expectations


Late September / early October: This would give Apple ample time to hold its iPhone 5 press event in early to mid September and then hold the rollout a few weeks later. There would still be plenty of time to get the entire iPhone 5 marketing machine and ecosystem fully underway by the start of the holiday shopping season. It’s also the timeframe in which Apple has publicly promised iOS 5 (“fall” it says), the official operating system of the iPhone 5. It would also tie in nicely with the fact that iOS 5 will power the iPod touch 5, Apple tends to introduce the new iPods in September anyway, and the new iPhone/touch generation could be rolled out as a package deal. From a marketing perspective, this remains the ideal time for Apple to launch the iPhone 5. And it’ll happen by October unless there are serious issues transpiring on the marketing side, which would lead to browner pastures.

Just before Christmas: This represents Apple’s emergency plan if it can’t get the iPhone 5 to market in the September-October range but feels it must do so in 2011. It would be a rush job of a different kind, as retailers would be trying to stock up on it and shove the old iPhone 4 out the door even as crowds are pouring in. It’s not how Apple tends to operate, but it can be done. Otherwise, those looking forward to the iPhone 5 would be left facing the horrifying scenario known as…

iphone 4.0 iphone 4 jailbreak jailbreak iphone 4 iphone apps best

iPhone OS 4.0: The Best New Features

The curtain has been pulled back on iPhone 4, and the list of new features is massive: There’s multitasking (finally!), a refreshed interface, and literally hundreds of other changes, all coming this summer. Here’s the rundown.

The new OS will ship in June (Fall for iPad, and a developer preview is available today, so we can expect to have plenty of apps updated and ready for launch.

App Folders and More

• Multitasking: It’s here, finally. It’s handled with a simple task switcher: double click your home button, and you get a list of running apps. Select, switch, done. Multitasking is limited to audio streaming, VoIP and GPS apps, as well as a few other allowances: they can finish specific, important tasks in the background, for example. As far as non-music/nav/VoIP apps, those can be suspended in the background, but not left running. (See below.) Full details here.

• Fast app switching: With iPhone 4’s multitasking, most apps aren’t actually running in the background—just certain functions of the app, like an audio stream or a GPS lock. But! All apps can now be frozen, in full, so that when you reopen them, they’re restored to exactly the state they were in when they were closed.

• Local notifications: Notifications can be sent between apps on the phone, not just from remote servers. In other words, if something important happens in an app you’ve opened and moved away from, a notification will pop up in whatever app you’re using at the time, effectively saying “switch back to me!” It’s a fairly clever way to keep track of multiple apps without the need for a start bar or dock-type interface.

iphone 4 jailbreak jailbreak iphone 4 iphone apps best

Iphone 5 the best IPhone 5 pictures

Pictures tells everything you want just check it

As you all know iPhone 5 coming on September or October, yet to come confirmed, but rumors says the iPhone 5 could be launch on October 1st. Today there are many iPhone 5 leaked as we founded, spare parts, Display, Designed and photos. Also we now found bunch of iPhone 5 photos gallery, you have choose which will be your iPhone 5 or it possibility.

iPhone 5 Photos Gallery :


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